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You Can Be Emotionally Free 
by Dr. Rita Bennett

Thousands of people walk in numbness, suppressing pain built up over a lifetime. It doesn't have to be this way. Rita Bennett gently leads you through real-life examples, checklists and evaluations as you find the source of your pain and learn to relinquish it.  Embrace with hope and courage emotionally freedom.

$15.00 USD
Products Available to You
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be shipped to you within 7-10 business days.  We provide a variety of products including:
Emotionally Free Basic Media Course
by Dr. Rita Bennett

This 100-page course takes the many kinds of trauma that is experienced over a lifetime, and pairs them with caring words of understanding, encouragement and hope.  Find practical solutions and personal guidance through sound biblical principles, and small group interaction.  This is an ideal course for those seeking emotional healing, and for those who want to understand and help others to do the same.  Includes a bonus booklet.
$18.00 USD
Understanding Suicide--
Prevention and Healing
by Dr. Rita Bennett

In this book, you will learn why the first two years of life are so important to our sense of well-being and balance.  You will read the story of a young woman whose father took his life and why. You will begin a thoughtful journey to understand how this happens, and how to begin the healing process.
$10.00 USD
Treasures From an Oak Chest
by Dr. Rita Bennett

In this collection of poetry, the wealth of Rita Bennett's life and ministry lends a depth to her poetic writing that resonates in the hearts of her readers. Her prose and poetry crosses all artificial boundaries to meet her readers at the point of their humanity, and draws them ever on to the heights of spiritual truth and freedom.  Her personal touch and conversational  tone brings a unique message.
$12.00 USD