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Dr. Rita Bennett, MFTA, Litt.D.
Rita Bennett received her Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from the University of Florida. Her Master of Arts degree was received in 2008, from Bastyr University, Washington in ABS Systems Counseling with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy. May 5, 2012, Rita received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2012, Dr. Rita Bennett developed the Emotionally Free for Professionals Course using her new 11-chapter syllabus that allows professional counselors and educators to receive continuing education credit. Rita uses her own developed Emotionally Free® Therapy, integrating it with Narrative, Attachment, and Bowen Family Approaches.  
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Committed to helping our clients achieve hope and wholeness
Your Healing Journey
Beginning your journey to wholeness is very important.  We all need help at certain times.  Some need brief help to get on the right track.  Some need a longer psychotherapeutic approach by starting the healing journey earlier in life.  

Some don't know what they need, only that they have no goals, direction, or motivation.  Some have major problems that seem like a tangled ball of yarn to untangle and make out of it something beautiful.  

As an Individual, Couples and Family therapist, there are a number of directions one can go. The right pathway will be ultimately chosen by you, with me standing in support with you.

My desire is to walk with you in overcoming fear, anxiety and loneliness.  I want to assist you in finding peace, joy and fulfillment.
Rita Bennett Counseling
Embrace with hope and courage the emotional freedom that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have found to be a reality. Faith-based counselor, Dr. Rita Bennett, will gently lead you through a series of real-life examples, checklists, and personal evaluations as you find the source of your pain and relinquish it.  

Rita has written twelve bestselling books which includes her classic book, "You Can Be Emotionally Free."  She has traveled to bring her healing message across the US, and to England, Scotland, Singapore, Jamaica, Norway, Germany, Ethiopia, and New Zealand. 

Rita shares, “There are two kinds of traumas that begin in childhood. Type one trauma comes from neglect of things we should have received as a child. Type two trauma comes from bad or evil happenings that occur early in life. Without the healing needed, the person gets stuck in the past, not being able to mature properly. If two wounded inner children of either type become a couple, they will most likely need counseling for survival of their marriage. 

You may contact Dr. Bennett for counseling at her office in the Seattle area. Distance counseling is also available via telephone.  
Your Emotional Wholeness